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...happenings ~ way back then until now

Honolulu, Hawaii - 1972
Jack L. Pyle earns CCIM designation at National Association of Realtors (NAR) annual convention. He is also introduced to an early and relatively modest computer. Small lightbulb clicks on.

Chicago, Illinois - 1973
Pyle accepts teaching position as instructor in CCIM national education program for RNMI (then the Realtors National Marketing Institute of the National Association of Realtors).

Orlando, Florida - December, 1974
Young, visionary real estate professional Jack Pyle founds the National Real Estate Exchange (the predecessor to NREsystems), an organization devoted to the utilization of computers in identifying and structuring multi-party real estate transactions.

USA and Canada - December, 1979
By end of decade, NRE grows to over 400 real estate brokerage companies in 45 states and Canada using NRE's proprietory software running on mainframe computers at a centralized data processing center in Kansas City, Missouri.

Boca Raton, Florida - 1981
Mainframe powerhouse IBM announces introduction of the personal computer. First units go on sale.

Worldwide - early 1982
Personal computer revolution gains momentum as computer users abandon centralized (and expensive) 'dial-up time-share' data processing and embrace new 'PC' technology.

Maitland, Florida - mid 1982
Bowing to the times, NRE focuses company efforts on specialized personal computer software development. NRE founder leaves RNMI senior faculty position and CCIM program.

Tierra Verde, Florida - 1985
NRE relocates offices to Tampa Bay area. Pyle divides time between computer consulting and cruising Florida and Bahamas waters aboard 'Algorithm II,' his Morgan ketch.

World Wide Web - early 1990's
Technology moves forward again as personal computers begin to gain access to massive new international computer network.

Internet - mid 1990's
The revolution is here! Companies flock to new communication and electronic trade medium.

Tierra Verde, Florida - early 2000's
A larger lightbulb clicks on. NRE begins the massive task of rewriting the proprietary software used in its earlier telephone dial-up system to create a totally new NRE/IMS internet-based system that merges the proven concept of multi-party real estate transactions with the dynamics of real-time communication (inexpensive communication) via the internet.

Pinellas County, Florida - 2023
After extended research and literally years of program development, NRE launches its proprietary Internet Marketing System (NRE/IMS) by introducing it to a select group of forward-thinking real estate brokers and agents, title, legal and loan representatives active in the marketplace.

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