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One of the core ingredients of NRE's Internet Marketing System (IMS) is having a great deal of information in one central location, and then having the computer 'horsepower' (hardware and proprietary software) to analyze the billions and trillions of potential transactions to find the one (or ones) that are workable.

The internet provides the vehicle (at virtually zero cost) with which participating real estate offices and agents can submit information on their buyers, sellers, and exchange owners online to NRE's computers where the playing field can dramatically change 1) every time a new listing is entered, 2) every time a listing is modified, 3) every time a listing is sold, exchanged, withdrawn, or expired, and 4) every time the matrix is modified by acceptances or rejections.

Participating offices and agents agree to a code of ethics designed to promote fair and honest dealings with their customers, their clients, and their fellow agents and brokers.

In addition, brokers and agents initially register and submit basic information about themselves for use in administering the system. Each participating office and each agent is provided with a unique user number, user ID, and password for system security.

NRE acts much like a 'transaction broker' in structuring potential transactions and providing guidance to participating agents and brokers.

The process starts when the agent logs onto the NRE/IMS website (this one), and accesses the marketing system to submit their buyer, seller, or exchange owner listing information.

When they have finished submitting the listing, the computer presents the preliminary marketing results in real time, right then and there on the screen. Complete details can be displayed or printed out as desired.

Once financial details have been adjusted to balance a transaction NRE/IMS computers can generate a 'closing worksheet guide' for any such transaction, and display it on the user's computer screen where it can be reviewed or printed out to assist in the eventual contracting and/or closing process.

NRE has created powerful and dynamic cyber-tools with which knowledgeable and forward-thinking real estate professionals can enjoy the rewards that can come with their utilization.

The internet is the communications vehicle which enables these same real estate professionals to move forward in the new millennium at warp speed, head and shoulders beyond their nearest competition.

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